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Mental Health

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Inspired by a common vision to foster an empathic environment for mental health in India, our founders come from diverse backgrounds, and work closely with experts to design customizable well-being solutions for organizations.

We believe that a little bit of awareness can go a long way, that training and tools for self care must be learned early and sustained over our lives in order to become instinctive, beneficial. We want to help society eliminate the barriers erected by unfounded stigma and replace them with bridges to more accessible, quality and affordable care. Ultimately, we want to do our little part in helping India achieve its true potential so those engineers who bring code to life, trained dancers who heighten our music experience, lawyers whose grasp of the law can bring equity to the wronged, may never be broken by pandemics, pressures or change.

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"Thank you PeppTalk for such an informative and engaging webinar. The presenters provided valuable information about mental and physical health. Content was to the point and great use of case studies. The feedback was excellent from our employees as they found answers to their questions."

Ankur Shah, HR, Nividous

"Thank you, PeppTalk! Your sessions have helped our team cope better with the current, unprecedented COVID times. "

Vikas Sood, Director, Instant Systems Inc.

"Dr. Vidya Bharat gave helpful suggestions on how to reduce stress. It motivated all of us to find a little time each day to do small activities for relaxation. Looking forward to many more sessions with PeppTalk!"

Sunny Kathuria, VP, Reinvent Digital

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